Keaton Raphael Memorial

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Roseville, CA

When a family hears the words, "Your child has cancer," their lives turn upside down. Keaton Raphael Memorial's Childhood Cancer Family Navigator Program provides families with information, resources and education necessary to navigate the complexities of their childhood cancer journey.

"With the donation we received from GSB we were able to provide homemade, personalized snuggle blankets to over 30 kids battling cancer for warmth and comfort during their long stays and multiple treatments at hospitals."

About Us

Our goal is to care for the family so that their attention can be focused on their child. Keaton Raphael Memorial understands that each family and each diagnosis of childhood cancer is unique. Our mission is to support children with cancer and their families with emotional, educational, and financial support while increasing awareness and funding a research toward a cure.

Helping families navigate the frightening and confusing journey of cancer diagnosis, treatment, and survivorship or loss, is an incredible honor and privilege, but we can't do it alone. If you are interested in learning more, volunteering for our cause, or making a donation, please contact the Keaton Raphael Memorial at (916) 784-6786.


Every time you purchase something from GSB, you know that over 70% of the after-tax profits are donated to help fund people, pets and our environment